Mega Venusaur- Pokemon X and Y

Mega venusaur is one Pokémon you arent supposed to mess with. This Pokémon has very impressive defense and special

mega venusaur

Mega Venusaur

defense stats that no one would ever expect a venusaur to get. Venusaurs are naturally bulky but mega venusaur takes it to a whole new level. If used correctly this mega Venus fly trap can cause mayhem when used it battle.

Mega Venusaur review

Mega venusaur has alot of defense and special defense and very impressive special attack stats also. At first when I looked at mega venusaur I was very impressed. However, when I look at it for a second time and saw its ability being thick fat I was more than impressed. That’s basically two types off its chart that it takes super effective hits from. So it really only fears flying and psychic Pokémon which I think is very impressive. And thanks to its very bulky stats it will be on the field for a while. Being a poison type venusaur can deal very well with the new fairies introduced in Pokemon x and y. Being able to resist water, electric, fairy and fighting then we see that venusaur can be a formidable foe in countering Pokémon and also being able to absorb toxic spikes laid at your feet. With access to leech seed, sleep powder, stun spore toxic then we see that mega venusaur could become a real staller and a Pokémon that can get you annoyed especially because of its above average bulk. With that being said let’s look at some possible sets for this mega Pokémon.

All out offensive

Sleep powder/leech seed
Hidden power fire
Sludge bomb
Giga drain

In this set we look at the fact that mega venusaur has alot of natural bulk. We thus invest everything in offensive stats and hp. Max your hp and special attack in a modest nature. Another variant of this set is to max your speed and special attack in a timid nature which will give you the capabilities of sweeping due to being faster than most pokes. Leech seed or sleep powder can be used depending on what you think is best. Sludge bomb and giga drain function as your stab moves while hp fire covers for scizor, ferrothorn and other steel types. Going bulky or max speed depends on your play style. But no matter how you look at it, this set is very deadly if used correctly.

Bulky Wall Venusaur

Leech seed

This set relies solely on the pure bulkiness of mega venusaur. Max your hap and share the rest equally in defense and special defense. You can also diversify it and create a defense or special defense wall of your choosing. Protect, leech seed and toxic can cause a lot of annoyance and will lead then to switching up and down therefore it is wise to use stealth rocks while using this set for extra damage upon switching. Venoshock works in sync with toxic to deliver a power 130 base power move each time. This set is annoying and deadly in the hands of a pro.

Mega venusaur overview

This is one of the mega evolutions that actually can be very useful in battle. It has bulk and wonderful offensive stats and it also resists a lot of pokes thanks to its wonderful ability. What are your thoughts on mega venusaur. Leave a comment below explaining what other sets and strategies you have come up with when using mega venusaur.

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